We live a rough-and-tumble lifestyle here in New Zealand. The weather throws its very worst at us regularly, and we must prepare for it. Between gale-force winds, torrential rain, and the occasional snow, our homes get put through a lot. It's vital that you have the very best gutter solution to tackle these temperamental conditions. Discover why half-round gutters make for the best spouting for NZ weather.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Gutter?

Gutters are crucial for your home's day-to-day function and overall security. They direct water away from your home and help avoid foundation settlement, mould, mildew, and any other symptoms of severe water damage. Throw our harsh climate into the mix, and the importance of finding the best gutters possible climbs tenfold. Luckily, we've done the hard work for you and found the best guttering solution for NZ weather: Lindab half-round gutters.

Here are four ways NZ weather can impact your gutters and why a half-round solution is best:

Heavy Rain Can Cause Corrosion

When it rains, it pours in New Zealand; our gutters need to be equipped to handle heavy rainfall. The smooth shape and clean lines of half-round gutters promote water flow, making them especially well-suited to dealing with heavy downpours. When water isn't flowing correctly, it can lead to corrosion and leaks, but because half-round gutters keep water moving, they are far less susceptible to this common issue.

High-Winds Can Hinder Gutter Performance

Prevailing westerlies and exposed coastal locations are a recipe for disaster when it comes to your gutters. High winds can lead to spouting sliding back and forth, loosening the gutter fastenings and eventually compromising the whole system.

Lindab half-round gutters use galvanised steel to withstand decades of wind battering. These gutters also employ an innovative snap-in fitting system, which creates a sturdy cohesive unit that is less likely to move around in high winds than other alternatives.

Debris Can Create Blockages

We keep it pretty green here in Aotearoa, which is fantastic for the environment but a hassle for our gutters. The best gutters for NZ weather can cope with regular deposits of leaves and debris blown into them. The smooth profile of half-round gutters allows debris to flow more freely than other alternatives. With no sharp edges, debris won't snag on anything and create blockages, reducing the likelihood of leaks forming and the need to clean them as often.

Snow Build-Up Can Cause Overflowing

Winter brings a healthy dumping of snow to some regions of the country; make sure your rainwater system can handle this by installing half-round gutters. The deeper trough-like shape of half-round gutters means they are far less likely to overflow and will keep water moving, reducing the amount of snow build-up in your spouting.

Be Prepared No Matter the Weather

New Zealand's climate can throw homeowners a few curve balls throughout the year. Get your spouting prepared for anything by installing Lindab half-round gutters - the best gutters for NZ weather. To learn more about our products and get the installation process rolling, contact the team at European Gutters today.