Lindab Gutter Solutions by Edwards & Hardy

Lindab Gutter

Lindab Gutter

Edwards & Hardy has been providing roof and gutter maintenance services since 1959 and we understand the hazards and costs caused by overflowing gutters during heavy rainfalls. This knowledge has lead us to specify Lindab Gutter as the best solution for New Zealand's challanging climatic conditions.

Supieror Design

Lindab has been designed with a lower front face, so that water flows away from the property, even in the event of blockages or extreme weather conditions. Constructed from .60-gauge zinc-coated steel, and top-coat painted on both sides, Lindab provides superior durability to other New Zealand steel gutters, which are only top-coat painted on the outside.

In addition, Lindab's modular clip lock system facilitates hassle-free installation and the convenient replacement of damaged sections of gutter and downpipe.

Safety, Efficiency & Quality

Our experience as a roof maintenance company provides us with customised knowledge and skills needed to manage a wide range of renovation, building and replacement projects, in a stream lined manner, that is safe, efficient and cost effective.

Our Services

Our services are designed to meet your homes needs.

Our Process

Lindab Gutter Mangement Process

1. Initial Inspection and Quotation

A professional inspection of your property leads to a detailed quote based on the extent of work needed.

2. Job Specification

You review and sign a contract that specifies the work that is required.

3. Installation and Job Management

Following the installation of your Lindab Gutter you willk recieve a job management report.