At Edwards & Hardy Roofing, we believe in giving back to the community—not just in words but through meaningful actions. Over the years, our commitment has taken various forms, and in 2019 and 2020, we embarked on an exciting initiative called "Have Your Say." This initiative allowed us to deepen our engagement with the community by involving our customers and the public in our philanthropic efforts.

A Commitment to Diverse Causes

Throughout these two years, we supported several key community groups, each making significant impacts in their respective areas:

  • Diabetes Youth Auckland: Dedicated to supporting young people with diabetes, this group provides education, social opportunities, and support that can only come from knowing you're not alone in your journey.
  • Forest & Bird: As New Zealand's leading conservation organisation, Forest & Bird is at the forefront of preserving our country's unique natural heritage, protecting forests, oceans, and wildlife.
  • Eat My Lunch: This innovative social enterprise ensures that for every lunch purchased, a meal is given to a child in need, directly tackling child hunger in our schools.
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Listening to Our Community

In our "Have Your Say" initiative, we asked you, our customers and community members to guide our contributions. The response was overwhelming, and seeing so many participants eager to support these valuable causes was inspiring.

The voting revealed that our community felt strongly about supporting youth with diabetes. Diabetes Youth Auckland received the highest number of nominations, at 51%. Forest & Bird followed closely with 29% and Eat My Lunch with 20%. These numbers reflect your priorities and help us align our support with the causes you care about most.

Gratitude and Future Directions

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to promote and assist the stellar work being done by these support groups. Your participation in the "Have Your Say" initiative has empowered these organisations and reinforced our commitment to community engagement.

As we move forward, Edwards & Hardy Roofing will continue to look for ways to contribute positively to our community's welfare. We are excited about future opportunities to collaborate and make a difference together.

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their voice in our "Have Your Say" initiative. Your involvement shapes our community-focused efforts and helps us ensure that our contributions go where they are most needed.

Together, we are building a stronger community.