We do it tough down here in New Zealand, with torrential rain, high winds, and icy conditions demanding an equally tough roof guttering solution. Synonymous with durability and easy maintenance, half-round gutters may be just what you need! With a proven track record stretching decades, half-round gutters are making a resurgence in homes across the country. But what is a half-round gutter, and why is it the best choice for your home? We explore the benefits of half-round gutters below.

What is a Half-Round Gutter

Don't call it a comeback; they've been here for years! Half-round gutters were popularised in the early 20th century when metal roll machines came into regular use. As the name suggests, these gutters resemble a cylinder cut in half lengthwise, creating a deep trough-like channel and a round outer edge. While newer designs eventually superseded half-round gutters, they are currently making a resurgence thanks to the unique benefits of their half-round design.

Benefits of Half-Round Gutters

Timeless Design

If your home leans more traditional in design, half-round gutters are the perfect way to maintain the character and originality of your home. Available in a range of materials, you can mix and match half-round gutters to find something that seamlessly blends into the existing exterior or stands out and makes a bold design statement. Every detail matters when designing a home you love - even the gutters!

>Handle All Sorts of Weather

The deep trough-like shape and sturdy build of half-round gutters make them ideal for handling the unexpected bouts of heavy rainfall and snow we experience in New Zealand's South Island. The deep trough means they won't overflow and will keep the water moving out and away from your home. With half-round gutters, you can enjoy that cosy wintertime snowfall without stressing about the damage it could be causing your gutters.

Low Maintenance

The smooth profile of half-round gutters allows leaves and other debris to flow freely through the gutter, meaning you'll spend less time cleaning out clogged gutters. Unlike other NZ spouting solutions, there are no rough edges or tricky sides to snag debris and create blockages, making them far less prone to leaks and pesky repairs. Half-round gutters are your set-and-forget solution, requiring little to no maintenance.


The smooth shape and clean lines of half-round gutters ensure water won't bog down in the gutter and cause corrosion or leaks. Large amounts of water settling in gutters is a major cause of damage and eventual replacement of gutters. However, because half-round gutters are specifically designed to keep water and debris moving, they are far less vulnerable to damage of this kind.

Are Half-Round Gutters Right for Your Home?

Half-round gutters are what you need to contend with the harsh weather conditions experienced here in New Zealand. If you live in a particularly leafy area and don't want to spend your Sundays climbing up and down the ladder cleaning out your gutters, these gutters are the choice for you.

Half-round gutters combine timeless design with next-level functionality to bring you the ideal guttering solution for Kiwi Homes; explore the European Gutters range of Lindab half-round gutters online today.