Premium Lindab Gutter Replacements

Lindab Gutter Replacement

New Zealand's strongest gutter with a build in overflow system

What you need to know?

Since 1959, Edwards & Hardy has been a stalwart in providing roof and gutter maintenance services, and we deeply understand the potential hazards posed by obstructed gutters and downpipes during heavy rainfalls. This knowledge has led us to endorse Lindab as our gutter solution for residential and light commercial properties. Specifically, Lindab offers the following advantages.

Designed for heavy rain

Lindab has been designed with a lower front face, so that excess water is directed away from the property, even in the event of blockages or extreme weather conditions. Constructed from .60-gauge zinc-coated steel, and top-coat painted on both sides, Lindab provides superior durability to PVC and New Zealand-manufactured steel gutters, which are only top-coat painted on the outside of the gutter.

Easy installation & maintenance

In addition, Lindab's modular clip lock system facilitates hassle-free installation and the convenient replacement of damaged sections of Lindab gutter and downpipe, offering convenience, flexibility and cost savings by the meter.

A house with a sloping roof and a gutter for rainwater drainage.

Our Process

Lindab Gutter Replacement Process

1. Initial Inspection and Quotation

A professional inspection of your property leads to a detailed quote based on the extent of work needed.

2. Job Specification

You review and sign a contract that specifies the work that is required.

3. Installation and Final Inspection

Following the installation of your new Lindab Gutter you will receive a job completion report.

A man hanging off a building's side, gripping onto the gutter for support.

New Zealand's Strongest Gutter

Lindab's robust brackets, .60 gauge zinc-coated steel gutter and front overflow system allows the gutter to stay in place when overloaded by debris, heavy rainfall and blockages. These features also allow for water to flow freely, make it easy to clean the gutter and contribute to its superior durability.

A man hanging off a building's side, gripping onto the gutter for support.

In\Out™ Debris Diverter

The In\Out Debris Diverter, which can be installed on most plastic and metal downpipes, also prevents blockages in downpipes, acts as a back-up overflow and, when fitted with BLOKIT™, allows roofs and gutters to be cleaned without polluting the stormwater system.

A ladder attached to a roof, providing access to higher areas.

Lindab & LadderSecure Ladder Brackets

The Lindab Ladder Bracket is a proprietary solution, that can be easily and permanently mounted on Lindab gutters on one, two and three level properties. The Lindab Ladder Bracket prevents ladders from slipping & sliding and allows safe access to the roof for maintenance work. The Lindab Ladder Bracket can also be used as a workstation to hose clean gutters when installed adjacent to a downpipe. We are also proud that the Lindab Ladder Bracket has been recognised by the Homestar Innovation program.

LadderSecure™, which is a universal ladder bracket that can be installed on most plastic and metal gutters, can also be permanently mounted on the Lindab gutter. Please contact your local Edwards & Hardy Branch to purchase a Ladder Bracket or to have one installed.


Trusted for over 65 Years

We take our property maintenance responsibilities seriously and are proud to be an approved installer of Lindab Gutter as we know that it will protect your property and stand the test of time.

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