Gutter Cleaning - Keep Your Save From Water Damage

Gutter Cleaning

Blocked and overflowing gutters can cause property damage

What you need to know?

Edwards & Hardy has a history spanning back to 1959, and specializes in gutter maintenance services, offering valuable insights into the short and long-term consequences of blocked and overflowing gutters and downpipes during heavy rainfall. Recognizing the potential hazards, they prioritize addressing these issues promptly to mitigate risks.

In New Zealand, most gutter designs feature a high front for aesthetic appeal. However, this design element can pose challenges, particularly during extreme rain events or when gutters and downpipes are obstructed, leading to water overflowing back towards the property. Such overflow not only creates slip hazards but also poses risks of structural damage to fascia boards, soffits, cladding, and trusses.

Edwards & Hardy's skilled operators undergo rigorous training and utilize specialized equipment to safely and efficiently clean gutters, ensuring compliance with the Resource Management Act's provisions.

Trust Account

All deposits made with Edwards & Hardy are held in trust by Ellice Tanner Hart Lawyers until the work begins.

65+ Years

Edwards & Hardy have been operating since 1959, having over 65 years roofing experience.

Training Co of 2023

Edwards & Hardy were honoured to be awarded the RANZ Training Company of the Year 2023


Edwards & Hardy are proud to have developed the BRANZ appraised DuraBondĀ® product to meet NZ's challenging environmental conditions. Click here to find out more.

Trusted for over 65 Years

We take our property maintenance responsibilities seriously and are proud to support New Zealanders in the replacement of their roofs.

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