Roof Cleaning: Remove Moss & Lichen to Protect Your Roof

Roof Treatment Cleaning

Remove moss & lichen from your roof and protect the value of your home

What you need to know?

RoofGuard™ Protect Your Home

Once the surface coating of your roof has been compromised by organic damage it is vulnerable to further deterioration. Check out our short video below that explains how moss & lichen spreads, and what it can do to your roof and the value of your property.

Left unattended, moss, mould and lichen can severely damage your roof. Unchecked these growths can;

  • Block the water channels of the tiles, which could cause leaks
  • Damage the protective surface coating on the tile
  • Cause deterioration to the ridging and mortar
  • Decrease the longevity of the roof
  • Void the Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Cause permanent etching to the coating and substrate

RoofGuard™ Moss & Grime Removal

RoofGuard® Moss and Grime Removal is the first step in our maintenance program and will remove the moss and lichen from your roof, reduce water retention and unblock water channels.

RoofGuard™ Moss Proofing

After your roof has been weathered clean, which takes around 12 months, we will undertake a RoofGuard® Moss Proofing treatment, which we recommend you continue to apply every two to three years. The RoofGuard® Moss Proofing program stops regrowth, and maintains the appearance and structural integrity of your roof.

Our RoofGuard™ Guarantee

We've been treating roofs in New Zealand for over 65 years, and our RoofGuard™ solution and a little time are all that your roof needs to keep it clean and clear. We offer a one-year guarantee that if any moss & lichen re-grows on your roof, we'll come back and treat it for free.

Trust Account

All deposits made with Edwards & Hardy are held in trust by Ellice Tanner Hart Lawyers until the work begins.

65+ Years

Edwards & Hardy have been operating since 1959, having over 65 years roofing experience.

Training Co of 2023

Edwards & Hardy were honoured to be awarded the RANZ Training Company of the Year 2023


Edwards & Hardy are proud to have developed the BRANZ appraised DuraBond® product to meet NZ's challenging environmental conditions. Click here to find out more.

Our Process

Roof Treatment Cleaning Process

1. Quotation and Initial Inspection

An inspection of your roof leads to a quote based on the extent of work needed.

2. Contract Acceptance

You review and sign a contract and schedule the project.

3. Completion and Final Inspection

Following the RoofGuard™ Treatment, you will receive a Visual Appraisal Report.

Trusted for over 65 Years

We take our property maintenance responsibilities seriously and are proud to support New Zealanders in the replacement of their roofs.

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Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is our major goal. See what our customers are saying about us.

“Thanks for your excellent RoofGuard Moss Proofing service yesterday and for the excellent photos of our roof. We can’t get up there to see the roof, so thank you so much for these photos. We really appreciate you and your team.”

Liz & Jeff, Taupo (November 2023)

“Many thanks to your fantastic operator. Came when he said. Didn’t force the issue, when I assumed that it was going to rain. Didn’t do a victory dance upon his return, when it hadn’t rained. Did a stunning job.”

Maureen from Rotorua (February 2017)

“I have recently had my moss removal plan started again. I wanted to let you know that the service provided by your representative who completed the application on my roof was great. He was polite, went the extra mile and explained everything well for me. Would you pass on my appreciation for a job well done.”

Tina from Hamilton (October 2016)

“Your Spray Operator is an absolute credit to your company. The way he spoke and how he explained what had been done was top notch.”

Grant from Auckland (April 2019)

“Edwards and Hardy have been cleaning our roofs for approximately 30 years and Damian was one of the best. Congratulations on having such a great staff member who is a credit to your company.”

Glennis, Auckland (August 2018)

“Recently you treated my roof for lichen and moss growth. Two excellent people arrived to do the job. They did a first class, thorough job and are hard working, very pleasant guys. I would want them back next time. Please make sure they don't lose them. They are too good to lose. Please let them know how good they are.”

Bill, Auckland (September 2020)

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Roof Treatment cleaning is the process of spraying the algae, mold, mildew, lichen, and moss on your roof to remove this organic material over time. These elements, if left unattended, can cause deterioration of roofing materials, leading to leaks and the need for costly repairs. Regular cleaning extends the life of your roof, and maintains your home's aesthetic appealing.

RoofGuard® Moss & Grime Removal is a professional cleaning service designed to eradicate moss, lichen, and other organic growth from your roof. This process not only cleans your roof but also helps prevent potential damage caused by these organisms, such as increased water retention and blocked water channels.

The frequency at which you should have your roof cleaned can vary depending on a number of environmental and structural factors. Here are a few key considerations:

  • Local Climate: In areas with high humidity, frequent rain, or proximity to the ocean, roofs may be more prone to algae, mold, and moss growth, necessitating more frequent cleaning. For such climates, cleaning every 1 to 2 years can be necessary.
  • Vegetation: Roofs under or near trees, especially those that drop leaves or pine needles, may require cleaning more often to prevent organic debris from accumulating and retaining moisture on the roof surface.
  • Existing Growth: If you have noticed moss, lichen, or algae on your roof, a cleaning schedule should be more regular to prevent these growths from causing damage.
  • Manufacturer's Recommendations: Always refer to the roofing material manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance to ensure compliance with warranty conditions.

As a general guideline, a cleaning performed at least every 2 to 3 years. However, at Edwards & Hardy Roofing, we can assess your specific situation, including the factors mentioned above, and give a recommendation tailored to your roof's condition and your environmental circumstances. This ensures that you get the most appropriate cleaning frequency without over or under-servicing your roof.

Roof cleaning can be dangerous and may result in damage to your roof if not done correctly. Professional roof cleaning operators have the equipment, experience, and expertise to clean your roof safely and effectively. We recommend that homeowners avoid DIY roof cleaning and instead rely on a qualified professionals.

Properly performed roof cleaning will not affect the manufacturer's warranty. Our technicians are trained to clean roofs according to industry best practices and the specifications of roofing material manufacturers to ensure that your warranty remains intact.

The duration of a roof cleaning process can vary significantly depending on several factors. These include the size and pitch of the roof, the extent of dirt, algae, or moss growth, the cleaning methods used, and the weather conditions at the time of cleaning. A roof on a typical single-family home may take anywhere from a few hours up to a full day to clean. Larger roofs or those on commercial properties can take a full day or several days to clean. The complexity of the roof design can also add to the cleaning time. Roofs that are hard to access or require special safety measures can take longer to clean. Safety is a priority, so extra precautions may add to the overall duration.

Moss and lichen pose several risks to roofing materials and can lead to long-term damage if not properly managed:

  • Moisture Damage: Moss absorbs and retains moisture, which can lead to the deterioration of roofing materials. In regions with freeze-thaw cycles, this moisture can freeze and expand, causing shingles or tiles to crack or break.
  • Root Systems: Both moss and lichen can develop root-like structures that adhere strongly to shingles and other roofing materials. Over time, these can cause the edges of shingles to lift, which compromises the roof's ability to shed water and can lead to leaks.
  • Decay and Corrosion: The persistent dampness caused by moss and lichen can promote wood rot on wooden roofing components and rust on metal fixtures like nails and flashing.
  • Blocked Gutters and Downpipes: As moss and lichen grow, pieces can break off and fall into gutters, leading to blockages and water overflow that can cause additional damage to the roof and the structure's foundations.
  • Aesthetic Damage: Besides structural issues, moss and lichen can cause aesthetic damage, leaving unsightly green, black, or white patches that diminish the roof's appearance and potentially affect property value.

Our RoofGuard® Moss and Grime Removal service is a critical component of our maintenance program designed to tackle and eradicate moss and lichen from your roof. This process not only clears these growths but also aids in reducing water retention and ensures that water channels are unobstructed, preserving the functionality and longevity of your roofing system.

RoofGuard® Moss Proofing is a preventative treatment applied after your roof has been thoroughly cleaned—a process which typically takes around 12 months. To sustain the roof's clean appearance and structural integrity, we advise reapplication of the RoofGuard® Moss Proofing treatment every two to three years. This treatment is specially formulated to prevent the regrowth of moss and lichen.